DARD; Dynamic Ankle Resistance Device Strengthens Anterior Tibial Muscles with Dorsiflexion Resistance

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The Dynamic Ankle Resistance Device is an excellent strength trainer for the anterior tibial muscles or front shin muscles that are involved in dorsiflexion of the foot and ankle. Dorsiflexion is the action that moves the forefoot (toe area) toward your head. Plantar Flexion is the action that points the forefoot away from your head (action of the calf muscles). Strong anterior shin muscles (dorsiflexor muscles) help control the foot strike in running by decelerating the way the forefoot hits the ground. Weak muscles cause the foot to slap down hard.  In other words, the muscles that control dorsiflexion also decelerate plantar flexion during a normal distance runner's heel strike or mid-foot/heel strike. It is a strain for the anterior muscles to keep the foot from slapping down during heel strike during running if they are too weak or become fatigued ... and is considered to be a possible cause of "shin splints" (pain on the shins) from over-mileage and other training errors.

The DARD or Dynamic Ankle Resistance Device trains the anterior shin muscles with progressive resistance to help control foot strike during running by strengthening their force capability.

The DARD provides resistance in concentric contractions of the anterior tibial muscles during dorsiflexion, and provides resistance during eccentric contraction of the anterior muscles during "reverse" dorsiflexion or plantar flexion motion (not plantar flexion action).

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The second device pictured is more of a permanent fitness center device. While it is portable, it is not as portable as the first device. The second device is capable of greater resistance.